We have a new collection of earrings in our shop in Seville and online in our shop which are the most:) “I have a suspicion that the earth behaves like a gigantic living being. The Gaia hypothesis proposes that given initial conditions that made possible the beginning of life on the planet, it has been the life itself that has been modifying them, and therefore the resulting conditions are the consequence and responsibility of life Qu and inhabits it, “thought James Lovelock. Inspired in this idea, we have created the collection “Lovelock” of earrings. Here you have it;)

Lovelock BH Earrings - Le Voilà Lovelock GH Earrings - Le Voilà Lovelock CH Earrings - Le Voilà Lovelock EH look earrings - Le Voilà Lovelock SH Earrings - Le Voilà

You know, new collection of earrings totally available in our shop in Seville and online in the shop section of this website:)