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Points of sale in Belgium and Switzerland

For some time now we want to tell you around here that we have the pleasure of having two points of sale in Belgium and Switzerland that make us a special illusion. In addition to those we already have in Spain, L’atribut D’Iris in 20 rue de la Mercerie. 1003 Lausanne (Switzerland) (view on map) and Curiosa & Co, Nederkouter, 120, 9000 Gent (Belgium) (show on map) have a selection of creations from Le Voilà:)


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Tadaaaaaaaaa ! Osez le tape à l’œil pour cet hiver ! 🤩 de nouvelles boucles d’oreilles venues tout droit d’un petit atelier à Séville :)

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Net binnen: kettingen, ringen, oorbellen en broches

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Can-music box with Siren

Breve entrada para dejar aquí constancia de mi agradecimiento por la acogida que tuvo mi lata-cajita de música con una sirena 😊👂 Mi pequeño granito de arena para la expo y subasta organizada por @lugadero en @salsamento a beneficio de la Fundación Vicente Ferrer. ¡Muchísimas gracias! Y enhorabuena a todos los compañeros por sus estupendas creaciones. Aquí la podéis escuchar sonar :) Y estas estupendas fotografías son de @nacho_perez_arroyo

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A Post shared BY LE VOILÀ® (@levoila) on


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Lovelock. New Earrings Collection

We have a new collection of earrings in our shop in Seville and online in our shop which are the most:) “I have a suspicion that the earth behaves like a gigantic living being. The Gaia hypothesis proposes that given initial conditions that made possible the beginning of life on the planet, it has been the life itself that has been modifying them, and therefore the resulting conditions are the consequence and responsibility of life Qu and inhabits it, “thought James Lovelock. Inspired in this idea, we have created the collection “Lovelock” of earrings. Here you have it;)

Lovelock BH Earrings-Le Voilà Lovelock Earrings GH-Le Voilà Earrings Lovelock CH-Le Voilà Earrings Lovelock EH Look-Le Voilà Earrings Lovelock SH-Le Voilà

You know, new collection of earrings totally available in our shop in Seville and online in the shop section of this website:)

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New store in Instagram and Facebook

We’re on the premiere. In addition to our store in Seville and the shop online section of this website, you can buy many of our creations Directly from Instagram and Facebook and secure payment on our website. In our profile of Instagram, you can find the tab “buy” in which you will see our creations that you can buy directly from there. And on our Facebook page, on the “Shop” tab you can also buy many creations from Le Voilà. We hope that this new way to facilitate the purchase from our social networks you like:) Do you come with us to our social networks? We’ll be glad to see you there too.


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Happy Holidays and Happy 2018!

Happy, that’s how happy we are. We want to wish you a happy holiday and a happy 2018. We have had a lot of fun making this video for you and hope it will make you smile. We are very pleased with how it has been the 2017 and surely the 2018 will be even better. May all your desires come true. Happiness!

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