In our shop and workshop in Seville, every year we make new flower headdresses, combs, earrings, brooches and all kinds of accessories for flamenco and flamenco. If you want to show off our pieces, contact us or come and see us at our store in Seville. You will be the most beautiful flamenco of the fair and we will love to make them special for you.

Earrings Carnation

Bags, Earrings, Bracelets and Pendants Carmel by the Sea


Poppy Forks and Earrings

Combs and hairpins

Magma Earrings

Collection of flamenco and party accessories from Le Voilà: earrings, rings, forks, bracelets, combs and combs. Parade photos in January 2015 and models in costumes by Sánchez Murube. See photos of the parade in We Love Flamenco. View lookbook photos



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